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Powerhouse Plan: Writing an Amazing Book Proposal

A book proposal is your golden ticket. Whether you’re self-publishing or want a book deal, a dope proposal is a game-changer. Without one, you risk even more rejections, flat sales and failing to reach your goal.

In “Powerhouse Plan,” you will learn to craft a book proposal so amazing it demands attention and can even secure you a higher advance.

What you'll walk away with:

- Master the Blueprint: Unlock the secrets to an exceptional book proposal with a detailed outline that you can simply replicate.

- Conquer Challenges: Learn how to tackle the most challenging sections of your proposal, turning it into a standout document that captures the interest of agents and publishers.

- Maximize Your Plan: Learn how to use the proposal as a versatile tool to guide your writing and book launch.

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This workshop includes:

- Interactive Workbook: Gain access to a downloadable workbook filled with exercises, checklists, and prompts designed to help you seamlessly apply what you’ve learned and make real progress. (Value: $299)

- Detailed Summary Deck: Receive a comprehensive PDF deck summarizing the key points and strategies from the session, providing you with a valuable resource for easy reference and continued learning. (Value: $249)

- Expert Class Content: This class provides over 90 minutes of in-depth content, expertly designed by Luvvie to deliver comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter. Engage with high-quality material tailored to enhance your learning experience. (Value: $3,999+)

- Extended Access to Class Recording: Enjoy 6 months of access to the 90+ minute class recording. This allows you to revisit the material at your convenience, ensuring you can reinforce your understanding at your own pace. (Value: $999)

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